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I don’t expect one day to be able to tell it and share it with more joy than I have right now, sometimes I feel more dead than alive and it is unfair, especially for them, who are just beginning to live. A hug thanks for your words and to continue… ..

Ufff … I send you a huge hug. I understand how hard what you are going through and how you must feel. I don’t know if you could or would like to find a group of moms near your house with whom to share this heavy burden. Hopefully you find a way to make things better. A huge kiss.

I see that a few months have passed from this hard comment that you wrote, I hope you are much better. I send you strength !!

I don’t know if it’s going to be so easy for you, there are people here on the other side of the pond hahaha …

Hello, I gave birth to my 2nd daughter about six weeks ago. Tomorrow my husband starts working again. And I will stay at home taking care of the little girl until September of next year, at which time I will go back to work.

I hope this year goes well. That the days are going to be very long.

What a good article … My little baby is only 3 months old, and although he is everything to me, I love him with my life, I feel that I have never felt so alone before as I do now … alone in the sense of a couple (he does his life as always, nothing changed for him) alone in friendship and family. Sometimes I feel that I only have my baby and he me …

Much encouragement Tere. The first months are difficult, especially when you are alone. I empathize with you a lot. Even if you don’t see it now, little by little it will change and everything will be a little easier, really. A big hug.

My son turned 3 2 days ago. And I feel alone. How the train continues for everyone and I was left out. My marifo and I work. But I’m the one who always puts off his personal needs to see a friend or to go do something I like. I can only ask to take care of the fat man to go to the doctor and it is a whole organization. It’s hard

I feel very identified with this article. In my case, I have been in solitude for three years, counting from the pregnancy of my little girl. Although, much more since she was born, since at least I had the attention of my co-workers during my pregnancy.

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