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Thanks for sharing. Cheer up and let’s move on. A hug

Hello, this is how I feel for so many days, my question after a year or so that you wrote that is how you continue to this day, I do not know if you will answer me but I would like to know, share with someone how I feel and feel that comfort, thanks for sharing

Uff! I googled: “motherhood – loneliness” and soon I found this. Thanks Internet! Thanks to you for writing. I feel as is. My baby is 5 months old and my husband works and sometimes doesn’t sleep at home. I only have my mom around who comes once a week. I live far from the center and the weather doesn’t help to get out. Friends are still in theirs … it’s understandable … I have a group of w. But sometimes I can’t write and I also don’t feel very comfortable. They are not my usual friends. Anyway. I am guilty of wanting to go back to work… but it is an option to socialize a bit. Total are few hours. Thank you. Kisses

Thanks to you Lucía for sharing your experience. I am very sorry that you are in this situation because no mother should go through it. I send you a huge hug and a lot of encouragement.

Hello! Luckily there is the Internet and a post like this that makes you see that you are not weird or a bad mother.

I am 28 years old and I was a mother 5 and a half months ago, on the one hand the most wonderful 5 and a half months of my life and on the other the most terrifying …… .not because of my baby who hasn’t given too much work, really because of an alleged misunderstanding on the part of my partner who does everything the best he can… ..but because of that loneliness and that support network you are talking about.

Supposedly I had many friends, friends who I think no longer remember that I am still alive or that I even exist, I see them on social networks and making plan after plan and I see that they never remember me, sending a sad message or a sad call , to coincide that some friend started a love relationship shortly after I got pregnant, they accompanied me during the pregnancy but then PUF !!!! They got blown up, I know that romantic stage they go through (I’ve been there too) but HELLO? They no longer call to tell their own sorrows.

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