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.. if I have written this letter so long, it has been because I have not had time to make it shorter (Blas Pascal)

I write to avoid the fear of death being added to the fear of life (Augusto Roa Bastos)

Who does not want to think is a fanatic; who cannot think is an idiot; who does not dare to think is a coward (Sir Francis Bacon)

The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty, the commentary (Arthur Schopenhauer)

For some things we have a natural talent, others must be learned. Some things, we are simply unable to do (Sidney Lumet)

Personally I am always willing to learn, although I do not always like to be taught lessons (Winston Churchill)

The world could exist very well without literature, and even better without man (Jean Paul Sartre)

The fault of our time is that its men do not want to be useful, but important (Winston Churchill)

Be alert when your enemy smiles at you; the beast shows its teeth before attacking (Arabic proverb)

Equality of wealth must consist in the fact that no citizen is so opulent that he can buy another, no one so poor that he needs to sell himself (Jean Jacques Rousseau)

What the worm I believe is the end of the world, man calls it a butterfly (Oriental quote)

To the love of God, our good is due; but the love of man depends on a good that is in the loved one (Saint Thomas Aquinas)

The more you renounce yourself, the greater and more sincere is your love (Ludwig Feuerbach)

The pessimist knows how to rebel against evil; only the optimist knows how to be surprised by evil (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

If everything could be explained by the word, sooner or later we would end the world (George Moore)

Not to teach a man who can be taught is to waste a man. To teach a man who cannot be taught is a waste of words. The true wise man will not waste neither men nor words (Confucius)

There are two ways of seeing life: one is to believe that miracles do not exist, the other is to believe that everything is a miracle (Albert Einstein)

Old age is the most unexpected thing that happens to man (León Trostky)

Against affective values, reasons are not valid, because reasons are nothing more than reasons, that is, not even true (Miguel de Unamuno)

My favorite hobby is letting time go by, having time, taking my time, wasting time, living out of the box (Françoise Sagan)

He who does not hate anything that lives and lives benevolently and compassionate, free from selfishness and arrogance, unshakable before good and evil, I love that good (Mahabharata)

Never resist temptation.

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