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I translate: liberalism loves that invisible little hand of the market that fixes everything so much, but then it happens that that little hand shows up with hat in hand to ask for money, and then all the beautiful theories about the self-regulating market go a bit to get blessed.

In short, the objections to any possible state control over companies that would benefit from funding are ideological. The first, somewhat surprising, says that putting someone to control how companies spend our money would increase corruption. As if to say that, uff !, if you put someone here to check me, then I have to bribe him. Strange defense. Others, more imaginative, cry out to the Soviets and the state economy, and are also raised up when asking for the participation of workers in the strategic choices of companies. Vade retro, pussa away! But where are we, huh, in Moscow in the 1930s? It escapes them, even if they know it well, that this is already happening in Germany, and also with good results.

In short, the Confindustrial-Italic mood is “give us the money and mind your own business”, in practice the request for assisted capitalism but without counterparts. In this way, the incoming cascade of billions will not only not change the country, but will end up endlessly perpetuating the system of inequalities that the pandemic has made visible to all. And afterwards, when we get worse, the story that the state must stay away from the market can continue undaunted, except to chase money when needed.

Big as a city, cultural political movement born in the Third Municipality of Rome, invited me for a chat with Christian Raimo. We talked about the circles in the water but also above all about everything else, with Milan in the foreground. Below. Thank you

Look at times how misfortunes happen. Our little daily geopolitics, until yesterday relegated to disputes over the boundaries of the neighborhood (will I be less than two hundred meters from home? Do I have the self-certifying safe conduct with me?) Suddenly expands to global issues. The sciura Pina in the queue at the butcher no longer discusses only masks and disinfectants, but she wonders (and asks in dismay to the sciura in front of her) if by chance China was very bad by making a virus escape from the test tubes where she raised it, and if by chance Mr. Trump makes some moves of his, and if then, in case, we have a world war between the first and second powers of the planet, what a disaster, my lady, we will all die.

Of course everyone will make his own idea, and equally naturally if he will do it without any scientific or factual basis: the prevailing opinion of scientists, for now, is that it is a fair hoax, to which is added a dizzying sense of déja vu. . Because those with a minimum of historical memory look at US defense secretary Mike Pompeo say: “We have evidence”, and in him see old Colin Powell, US secretary of state in 2003, waving other “evidence”, that bottle of anthrax which “testified” to the existence of Saddam’s chemical weapons, a hoax later claimed, but which served to kill hundreds of thousands.

The dispute therefore is between a dictatorial regime that has isolated sixty million people with very brisk methods, somehow saving a population of one billion and four hundred million Chinese, and the leader of an advanced democracy who longs for injections of bleach as a cure and of international plots, six months before the elections. Even the images have their weight: on the one hand Chinese propaganda where Swiss efficiency and iron determination are shown; on the other hand, the Michigan supremacist militias demonstrating machine guns to contest the Lockdown and claim their right to become infected by blowing Nazi slogans in their faces. So at first glance I would not like to live either on one side, where you are tracked and monitored even while you go to the toilet, or on the other, where good citizens instead of masks line up to buy a shotgun.

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