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But what? Thing?”). In short, the scenario is the usual one of the aspiring metropolis city, which seems a bit stunned after the party, the coronation as a “moral capital”, the drunkenness of modernity, the return down-to-earth: a city with everything its evil inside, where everyone is fighting their battle alone. The investigation is difficult, complicated things are insinuated into it, like … well Monterossi takes it personally, in short, he’s angry.

This time he is not looking for justice for himself, but for a victim for whom he feels somehow responsible, for an innocent person who “did not deserve it” (but who deserves it, then?). I say no more, of course, (here is the flap on the cover that will make you understand something more).

The book arrives on March 3 in the bookstores of the kingdom. I don’t know why I care a lot, it was born as a kind of blues and then it went its own way, because when you leave threads and stories around then it happens that they re-tie themselves.

If you wanted to give a scientific definition, here it is: “Angelino Alfano is said to be the wine missing from the half-empty glass”. A question resolved on the left – in the government-Renzista left, as there are no others available – with a simple reversal of meaning: the glass is half full, and stop bothering.

Thus we are witnessing numerous spin. Matteo Renzi’s jubilant tweet about the “historic turning point”, and the rapid queuing up of those who, for another law (the original Cirinnà, with adoptions and all), had fought, perhaps really, perhaps by pretense, in the Party of the Nation. Or the protests of the LGBT associations outside the Senate as opposed to being satisfied with their political representatives inside the Senate.

Just as legislation is being made on the family (or on a kind of substitute for homosexuals), the famous motto that Longanesi wanted on the flag (“Tengo Famiglia”) should be changed and replaced with “Better than nothing”. The latest found on the obligation of loyalty, forgive the medieval touch, adds grotesque to grotesque, they wanted to differentiate civil union from straight marriage, and that’s it: no adoption, faster separations, no loyalty. Serie B weddings. Italian Serie B. With the note that “Better than nothing” we can say about everything, but not about rights, considered non-negotiable but, as you can see, highly negotiable, and even on the downside.

The most successful civil union, in the end, is that between Matteo Renzi and Denis Verdini: one welcomes the other in the majority with the cry of “whoever is there”, the other looks like the cat with a mouse in its mouth. The “best of nothing” echoes in the echoes of propaganda, while Verdini and his friends – the continuation of Berlusconi by other means – seem to say “it could not have been better than this”.

There remains the bitter taste of a “question of conscience” that has become a question of trust and alignment, of party discipline, of a glass half empty that has to be declared half full. Vince Alfano, in short, and here we could digress. Because, in short, the proportional was thrown overboard so as not to have to hear more about the scales and compromises, when the balance was ten percent.

And now, very modern and efficient, the balance has zero point, some ministers, many undersecretaries and, in fact, leads the “most leftist government of the last thirty years”, cit. Matteo Renzi, February 2014). And so it happens that the spotlight, applause, consensus and flattery are reserved for Renzi, while instead Alfano rules, the wine that is missing from the glass half empty.

Attention, focus, follow. Test for more than skilled solvers. If you marry a woman and are a man you have an obligation of fidelity. If you are a woman who marries a man, the same. If you are a man who marries a man you can do – I say it in French – whatever the fuck you want, have six lovers, two concubines, six cats, a motorcycle and a mute servant like Zorro.

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