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Or if even the blanket will not be pulled at all. In this case it will be a government of full continuity: proclamations, reforms and slices of salami on the eyes, only to fall from the pear tree when it deals with the crime news.

It was since the days of La Stangata (1973), with Paul Newman and Robert Redford, that you have not seen such an accurate and perfect package pulled to chicken on duty. Having said that the distance between Salvini and Paul Newman is the one that separates Orio al Serio from Pluto, the package was successful, the enraged 5Stelle remained there like the cow watching the train go by, and Salvini does the ace catch everything and the most courted damsel in the realm: will she still dance with Silvio? He doesn’t know, he’s thinking about it. Flirtatious.

There are other famous scams, and one is right for us: in 1925 a certain Victor Lustig managed to sell the Eiffel Tower to a scrap dealer, posing as a government official and saying that they would soon dismantle it. That one was stupid enough to give him 250,000 francs (a lot), plus a bribe to facilitate the deal. When he realized he had been scammed he did not file a complaint to avoid (I say it in French) the colossal figure of shit.

Here, I think it would be a mistake for the 5Stelle not to report the scammer, that is Salvini Matteo, aged 45, known to the news. It is true that there are maps and maps published by the newspapers that tell us that if Matteo and Gigi get together in the elections, they win. However, it is one thing to make a government agreement between different ones, and another is to divide up the constituencies to win outright. That is, it would no longer be a “contract” with two contractors (one decidedly smarter than the other), but a political agreement. Do not report the scammer, and rather go with him, will produce cracks, grumbles and probably landslides. If so, if Salvini breaks with the center-right to pursue the plebiscite, a summer of terrorism awaits us: what about the mortgage? And the spread? And what will Moody’s say? Huh? Have you thought about it?

In short, there is a further trap in front of us: to divide the country on a topic (euro yes / euro no) that is more fabled than real (and also rather stupid), allowing Salvini to be the defender of the people and the poor people . To summarize: the one that has in the program the greatest gift to the rich in history, the flat tax, will pass for a kind of Robin Hood who defends us from the rating agencies. If all goes wrong (and everything makes us think) the contrast will be between two economic right: that of yet another gift to the rich, to Salvini’s income and profit, and that liberal, rigorist who will exhibit his tanks during the election campaign: the spread, your mortgage, the severe warnings from the ECB, the specter of Greece, agitated like a ghost in a collapsing castle, and the traditional “we will all die”. Missing Standard & Poor’s writing on flags, but we’re almost there.

We will be in the midst of these artfully constructed, crushed opposites, arguing and arguing about something that was not talked about for a nanosecond in the last election campaign that just ended.

The risk for the 5Stelle is to witness all this stunned and shocked as when a relative dies, and the flag of “they cheated us” – whether it refers to Mattarella or Salvini – is never a great pass for success. People, in general, think that the scammer is a bastard, but also that the scammer is a bit of a fool, and that if he is cheated once he will fall for it again, that he deserves it a bit.

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