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I’ve already “discussed” (it was mostly a chat) with her about this situation, all she said was “eh, I know I’m going to die for this!” This does not mean, however, that he should take me with him … I thought with this chat / discussion that I had solved it, but when yesterday I entered the room to go to sleep I heard a loud hiss coming from her mobile, she was asleep and had earphones, from the phone turned on the bedside table I could see the light of the open call, at which point I decided to wake her up and tell her to close it because I just couldn’t sleep with that noise.

The problem is that at this point I’m sure he will continue to keep the call open during the night trying to keep me from noticing. Her contract expires in September and I know it won’t be renewed, but I don’t want to stay in this situation until then.

Please help me, with everything you hear about radiation I really fear that something might come to me, I want to force her, using some rule or law to no longer keep calls open during the night. Thank you.

I would like to have an opinion on my situation. I live in a mixed area between the artisan area and the rural area. My home is a single house 200 m as the crow flies from an artisan area where a dryer for drying cereals is located. My report (via email) to the municipality for the verification of noisy emissions (in addition to that of fumes) dates back to January last year, when the plant worked continuously from Monday to Saturday afternoon.

Since August last year, however, it has been in continuous operation every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, the noise level produced by the motors of the dryer and the silos is constant during the day and night. In addition to the noise of the machinery, during the day there is also the noise of the bulldozers and trucks working around this plant.

After my report, in October the ARPA went out to take a measurement, leaving their van in my garden for 20 days. At the end of November I asked the ARPA technician who had visited me for information and he told me that they would also have to make a survey in the plant because of the noise and to do this, the coordination of more technicians would be needed and who could not tell me when this could have happened verification.

In mid-January I re-solicited the technician for an update but he didn’t reply to any of my emails. I also wrote to the mayor if he had news or if he could be seriously interested in my case, but in addition to writing that he would have solicited ARPA, he did not say anything else. Among other things, I invited the mayor to visit me several times to understand how to live continuously immersed in the noise, but he never came to verify the situation in person.

Now to avoid having to lock myself in the house all summer, since the noise spreads widely in my garden, I would like to know how to behave, to be able to make sure that those in charge take care of my case in a serious way.

I read with great interest what was published on the site and I found the answers given to readers’ communications very precise and timely. Unfortunately, I find myself in the position of having to ask for advice too because I suffer from the acoustic excesses of a party venue.

I go with order. I live on the second floor of a building on the ground floor of which a place was opened about two years ago where various parties are organized for birthdays, etc. The problems due to the high volume use of acoustic equipment began immediately, a fact of which I complained first verbally and then in writing with the condominium administrator. THE

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