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if a farm makes me a fixed-term contract during the periods in which they have more work, can it be compatible? do I still have to respect the 48 hours / week?

No problem carrying out a second activity. As for respecting the 48 hours per week, I believe so, for 2 reasons: one of a legal nature, in the event of an accident, and one for your physical and mental health.

Hello Roberto, I work with a contract with a private tourism and public business full time of 40 hours per week for an indefinite period (private employer), I would like to ask for leave for health reasons. I currently work in the kitchen, so there can be no conflicts of interest because I would like to go to an office job. The leave is granted to me as long as I write the letter with the months I want to stay at home.If I put myself on unpaid leave with a contract of 40 hours a week, I can work elsewhere always with a contract of 40 hours a week ?? Excuse me for the inconvenience but I ask for security, putting my employer and the agency I would work for on leave, can they see if I have a contract in progress ?? However I can work 40 hours a week being on leave with an open-ended contract of 40 hours ?? thanks a lot in advance gessica

the problem relates to the motivation behind his expectation (health reasons). This is because the company that grants it to him may believe that it is not the real motivation, in consideration of the fact that he does not use the time off work for treatment but to work at another company.

My schedules change every week and vary in a range from 9.00 in the morning to 2.00 at night.

Since I found a second part-time job, for now with a fixed term, always 20 hours a week with fixed hours 4.00-9.00 or 5.00-10.00, I wanted to know how the minimum daily rest limit should work?

If 11 hours have to pass from one day to the next, my first employer is obliged to allow me shifts that do not go beyond 5-6pm, as the next day my second shift would start by 4am. -5?

the question is quite complex and would need some further study. First of all, you should know why your part-time is not “fixed”. If it is due to a company shift, complete with a company contract that governs it; that is, it is due to a flexible clause inserted in his individual contract.

As for rest, the rule refers to the minimum limit of 11 hours but linked to the single employment relationship and therefore does not affect a second job.

I would like to know having a permanent part-time contract 35 hours a week from Monday to Friday with a multiservice spa in the area.

the ancillary employment relationship is an anomalous relationship compared to that of an employee and, I believe, should not respect the accumulation of the maximum 48 hours between the 2 employment relationships.

Hi, I am an educator who currently has two employment contracts: one an employee contract in a social cooperative and the other an hourly work agreement (Maid) with the family of a disabled boy.

being pregnant, I will soon have to enter maternity leaveā€¦. but I don’t know whether to ask only an employer, if I am entitled to both contracts or if a single maternity leave will be accumulated? thank you in advance if you will be able to clarify my ideas

Both employers must be informed. Inps will pay for maternity leave proportionate to the hours worked.

Hi, I was hired on 31/12/2014 with a part-time 16h permanent contract (type of contribution – unemployed worker hired by a midday company).

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