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The harvest will finally come. All of this must be done standing up in full sun and not sitting in a heated office.

It seems obvious that to dedicate yourself to planting onions you have to be convinced that the work done will be rewarded with an adequate financial retribution, in addition to the deserved social recognition. If the marketing of the product involves restrictive rules that limit profits, it only remains to try to skip the rules or plant something else. When the rules, in addition to being absurd, include a disproportionate punishment, the project will be abandoned.

The relentless persecution unleashed by the State to strictly enforce the senseless rules imposed on the peasants is only successful in television programs where the merchandise is occupied and in courtrooms where sentences are handed down, but the mistrust generated in the producers leaves a sequel that translates into the apparent lack of logic of my neighbor Manolo. Yes, the food cannot be seasoned well because of the police operation in Mayabeque.

The worst thing is that once confidence is lost, the time to regain it is incalculable. We will have to continue crying for the onions.

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In Cuba, people do not cry for cutting an onion, but they cry of hunger and misery for a murderous totalitarian government that destroyed the island of Cuba from Cabo de San Antonio to La Punta de Maisi. WHAT COUNTRY!

As a friend told me, “now I’m going to get a steak to add to the onion” … he had already achieved the most difficult, the other no longer worried him much.

Jooooeeeeer … Manolo …. assuming that a warehouse stores all the onion that the City of Havana consumes … where did it go after it was confiscated?

If you ask a foreigner who does not know anything about what is happening on the island, he will tell you, “Well, since the Castro government is so generous, these onions will be destined for social consumption, they will go into the hands of the people. “

Now, if you ask any Cuban, they will tell you, “first they search her, then they take her to the police station, to later be distributed among all of them, of course, touching the boss tasty.” Shark bathes, but splashes.

Starting in 1959, a new subject was started in the island’s schools, it is titled, “corruption.” A greeting.

Reinaldo Escobar (1947) Journalist, was born and lives in Cuba. He graduated in Journalism from the University of Havana …

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