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The Registrar in Charge will resolve any request that does not give rise to a file within three calendar days.

Against any decision of the Manager or Judge of First Instance, whether ex officio or not, not included in the previous article, there is an appeal for reconsideration and, subsequently, the appeals referred to in the same article.

When any request or appeal is made and a resolution is not notified within a period of ninety calendar days, the interested party may report the delay, and after another ninety days from the complaint, they may consider their request rejected for the purpose of deducing, in the face of this presumed denial , the corresponding appeal or wait for the express resolution of your request.

The presumed refusal will not exclude the duty to issue an express resolution, and if it falls, the term to formulate the appropriate appeal will be counted from the notification of the same.

The writ of appeal shall conform to the forms of the request and shall determine with clarity and precision the points that are the object of the claim.

Only issues related directly and immediately to the appealed decision may be discussed, rejecting outright by the one who has to resolve it the petitions based on other reasons or on documents or evidence that they could present in a timely manner. In appeals against the registry qualification, petitions may not be based on titles not presented in time and form.

Appeal to the office of the appellant’s domicile will be immediately transferred to the body whose decision is appealed, who will notify the parties and the Public Prosecutor, and with the allegations of those notified and the report of the body itself, it will be submitted to the competent, who may order Proceedings to better provide summons and hearing of the parties and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

If the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the body have limited themselves to observing the lack of budgets for the procedure, if it is not appreciated by the decision-making body, the actions will be returned before deciding on the merits so that they can complete their reports.

The First Instance Judge will resolve the appeal within ten ten business days, and the Directorate, within thirty business days following its receipt or, where appropriate, upon completion of all proceedings.

The Director will decide on the proposal made by the Deputy Director and prepared by the Head of the Section.

The resolution will be issued in a manner analogous to the order and will be published in the Ministry’s “Information Bulletin”, in the Director’s Center Yearbook and, when appropriate, in the OFFICIAL STATE BULLETIN.

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