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But regardless of this, I believe that it is not appropriate to exceed the maximum of 48 hours per week, also for reasons of health and safety at work.

Hello, I have a 25 hour part-time contract with a cooperative as a librarian assistant. From April I should start a second part time of 20 hours per week at a private company as a marketing officer. I would thus reach 45 hours per week. The alternating morning / afternoon shifts match perfectly, Before accepting, I ask … is it feasible ?!

In my opinion, this is feasible. Check if the contracts include elastic clauses that could allow employers to increase their working hours at certain times in their working life and thus put you in difficulty with the other employer.

Hi I currently have a cyclical partial permanent contract of 31 hours per week level d3, I was offered a job offer with a fixed term contract of 17 hours per week. Is it possible to do this work or I have time limitations.

The limitations are linked to the time compatibility with the first job and to the possible competition that the second activity may have with the first. Furthermore, it must verify whether one or both of the part-time activities includes the so-called “elastic clauses”.

Hi, I have a vertical part time contract in the Italian post office I work 6 months a year from July to December, I would like to know if from January to June I can accept ata substitutes in the public administration of 18 or 36 hours a week, in case what do I have to do communicate to employers? explain to me concretely if it is possible and how I have to move … thank you

No problem accepting job offers during the non-work period. The important thing, being a public administration, is that you inform the school of your activity in the Italian post office. Furthermore, check whether the contract stipulated with the post office does not contain an elastic clause that could lead to the redefinition of the period by the employer.

Good day, since December I have been working for a social cooperative with a one-year contract of level d2 at 25 hours per week equal to 65795% percentage part time. (Community area)

Today I was offered an ANINSEI level 3 contract at 15 hours per week at a private nursery, (they also talked about a flexibility clause, which I honestly didn’t understand). Can I accept it? Should I have my hours reduced? do i have to make some statement?

Before entering into the 2nd contract, he should contact both companies to inform them of his dual work. The private asylum proposal includes a flexibility clause that can lead the company to request more hours than those agreed in the individual contract. This could lead to a time conflict between the 2 reports.

This is possible if there is no incompatibility between the two activities and if it receives authorization from the public body.

I believe that it is not possible, as it exceeds the threshold of 48 hours per week. I must tell you, however, that the legal threshold refers to a single employment relationship and not to the sum of several relationships.

Hi, I signed a 50% part time contract for three months but after the second month (so for a single remaining month) I signed a 60% increase. At the end there was an extension of a further 3 months that I signed where the timetable was not indicated but the employer says that it has been reduced again to 50%. Is it possible or must it remain at 60% by law?

Timetable changes must always be shared and signed by both parties. This means that the reduction from 60 to 50%, to be valid, must require the joint signature of the employer and the employee.

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This restaurant is in the heart of the historic center of Caserta and was opened in the summer of 2008. The aggravating circumstance is that it is a room opened in a former convent / cloister of nuns owned by the Municipality which has rented it behind , the obligation on the part of the managers, of the total restoration of the property. It is a place of several hundred square meters as interiors but what is worse is that this place has a garden of about 700 square meters where most of the public entertainment activity takes place. Entertainment featuring music that starts around 10.30pm and ends at 3am. A truly unspeakable and indescribable thing. Needless to say, we tried to do whatever it took. Initially we went to speak with the competent councilor of the municipality of Caserta who promised us that he would be interested in the problem. Then we went to talk to the mayor. After that, seeing that nothing happened, we decided to file a complaint signed by almost one hundred people (all residents who suffered from the disturbances of this public place) to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Santa Maria Capua Vetere and we sent the complaint for information. public bodies, none excluded including NAS, Prefect and Quaestor. Exhibited also accompanied by phonometric surveys that promptly revealed the exceeding of the decibel levels required by law! In fact we had to do these surveys at our expense as the Arpac came to do the acoustic measurements to check the noise pollution but punctually the music of the room did not play (we deduced that perhaps there was someone who informed the owners of the room of the checks of the Arpac).

I am not here to tell you also that dozens and dozens are the articles written by the local newspapers that are interested in our case. I even called the friendly number of the Ministry of Public Administration. In short, in order not to make it long after about two years, not only have we not achieved anything but the problem has even worsened as the restaurant in question has opened a second one which is the perfect photocopy of the first, creating a doubling of the problem. In short, after more than two and a half years we are really exhausted. Even now, while I write this letter very quickly (and indeed I apologize for mistakes and so on), the music goes crazy in a hallucinating way and we are only on Thursday, I let you imagine what happens on the weekends! I won’t tell you what spring and summer mean to us with hundreds and hundreds of people crowding the club and the music playing a thousand.

The problem is that almost everyone does not want to sue as they do not want to spend money and also do not want to expose themselves to this place and to those who manage it as they are said to be disreputable people. But can’t we really do anything? It would have been enough for the Mayor to issue an ordinance and enforce the laws on noise pollution. Caserta is also equipped with an acoustic zoning plan but which is punctually, at least in our case, disregarded.

Can you tell me a few words of comfort about it. Could you indicate a path that perhaps, before any legal action, I do not know now how useful, we could take? Do you think a tie action, after about two and a half years from the beginning of the disorder, can produce the desired effects?

I am writing to you in relation to my case in order to obtain that competent advice that, unfortunately, I cannot get from the professionals consulted in Liguria; I live in a small hamlet of the municipality of Deiva Marina, crossed by the S.P. n. 1 of the Bracco Pass, the border point between the provinces of Genoa and La Spezia.

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– The new cases registered on Monday are distributed as follows: 34 in Lombardy, 22 in Veneto (with a significant increase in people in home isolation awaiting a response), 18 in Emilia Romagna and 12 in Liguria. No new contagion in 5 regions (Puglia, Sardinia, Calabria, Valle d’Aosta Molise and Basilicata), with all the others in single figures.

– New outbreak in Basilicata, before new cases with only 7 positive and 2 hospitalized in total: to date, 36 people from Bangladesh – immigrants who landed in Lampedusa on 11 July and transferred to the region – positive for the swab. Other minor outbreaks in Padua and Catania.

– The number of patients admitted to intensive care rises again, 2 more than yesterday for a total of 49. On the other hand, hospitalized patients (13 fewer and 743 in total) and people in home isolation 11,467 (-181) are falling.

– WHO has sounded the alarm for the coronavirus situation in Africa, warning that contagions on the rise in South Africa (373 thousand now) could be precursors of the spread of the pandemic in other parts of the continent. In the last week, cases have increased by 69% in neighboring Namibia, but also by 57% in Zambia, 50% in Madagascar and 31% in Kenya.

– While in the United States deaths have exceeded 140 thousand (and infections are over 3.8 million), President Trump posted a photo of him wearing the mask on social media, after having denigrated its use for months, writing that ” if it is patriotic to wear a mask, no one is more so than me ”and calling Covid-19 once again the“ Chinese virus ”.

– The mayor of Capri, after the gatherings of last weekend during aperitif and evening hours, has decided to make outdoor masks mandatory from 6 to 4 pm It is currently the only place in Italy where masks must be worn in the open air, after the ban was dropped also in Lombardy on 14 July.

– 5.5% of people subjected to serological tests in Piedmont tested positive for the coronavirus, as evidenced by the results of the tests carried out starting from 10 June by B-Life. These are 331 people who would have developed antibodies to Covid-19 out of 6,005 tested.

– The decline in new coronavirus positives in Italy continues, down to 190 compared to 219 on Sunday 20 July and to 249 the previous day. As usual, however, Sunday data must be taken into account, with just over 24,000 swabs processed against a now stable average of around 50,000.

– Unfortunately, the deaths due to Covid-19 are increasing, indeed unstable due to late communications from the Regions to civil protection and, as always, subject to recalculation. From 3 on Sunday it has gone to 13, with 8 deaths recorded in Lombardy: the total rises to 35,058.

– The healed also increased according to the daily bulletin released by the Ministry of Health, with 213 healings in 24 hours compared to 143 on Sunday, with the total rising to 197,162. And, consequently, the number of currently positive drops: they were 72 more on Sunday, with 36 less than on Monday 20 July and the total which, unfortunately also due to the 13 deaths, drops to 12,404 people.

– Compared to hospital data, with the count of deceased doctors sadly updated to 174 after the death of Pierluigi Cecchi, pediatrician, the employment of intensive care units still decreases by two units (47 patients hospitalized in the ward throughout Italy): if we think of the 4,000 and pass “serious” hospitalizations at the beginning of April, the figure is now constantly decreasing.