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I don’t expect one day to be able to tell it and share it with more joy than I have right now, sometimes I feel more dead than alive and it is unfair, especially for them, who are just beginning to live. A hug thanks for your words and to continue… ..

Ufff … I send you a huge hug. I understand how hard what you are going through and how you must feel. I don’t know if you could or would like to find a group of moms near your house with whom to share this heavy burden. Hopefully you find a way to make things better. A huge kiss.

I see that a few months have passed from this hard comment that you wrote, I hope you are much better. I send you strength !!

I don’t know if it’s going to be so easy for you, there are people here on the other side of the pond hahaha …

Hello, I gave birth to my 2nd daughter about six weeks ago. Tomorrow my husband starts working again. And I will stay at home taking care of the little girl until September of next year, at which time I will go back to work.

I hope this year goes well. That the days are going to be very long.

What a good article … My little baby is only 3 months old, and although he is everything to me, I love him with my life, I feel that I have never felt so alone before as I do now … alone in the sense of a couple (he does his life as always, nothing changed for him) alone in friendship and family. Sometimes I feel that I only have my baby and he me …

Much encouragement Tere. The first months are difficult, especially when you are alone. I empathize with you a lot. Even if you don’t see it now, little by little it will change and everything will be a little easier, really. A big hug.

My son turned 3 2 days ago. And I feel alone. How the train continues for everyone and I was left out. My marifo and I work. But I’m the one who always puts off his personal needs to see a friend or to go do something I like. I can only ask to take care of the fat man to go to the doctor and it is a whole organization. It’s hard

I feel very identified with this article. In my case, I have been in solitude for three years, counting from the pregnancy of my little girl. Although, much more since she was born, since at least I had the attention of my co-workers during my pregnancy.

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.. if I have written this letter so long, it has been because I have not had time to make it shorter (Blas Pascal)

I write to avoid the fear of death being added to the fear of life (Augusto Roa Bastos)

Who does not want to think is a fanatic; who cannot think is an idiot; who does not dare to think is a coward (Sir Francis Bacon)

The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty, the commentary (Arthur Schopenhauer)

For some things we have a natural talent, others must be learned. Some things, we are simply unable to do (Sidney Lumet)

Personally I am always willing to learn, although I do not always like to be taught lessons (Winston Churchill)

The world could exist very well without literature, and even better without man (Jean Paul Sartre)

The fault of our time is that its men do not want to be useful, but important (Winston Churchill)

Be alert when your enemy smiles at you; the beast shows its teeth before attacking (Arabic proverb)

Equality of wealth must consist in the fact that no citizen is so opulent that he can buy another, no one so poor that he needs to sell himself (Jean Jacques Rousseau)

What the worm I believe is the end of the world, man calls it a butterfly (Oriental quote)

To the love of God, our good is due; but the love of man depends on a good that is in the loved one (Saint Thomas Aquinas)

The more you renounce yourself, the greater and more sincere is your love (Ludwig Feuerbach)

The pessimist knows how to rebel against evil; only the optimist knows how to be surprised by evil (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

If everything could be explained by the word, sooner or later we would end the world (George Moore)

Not to teach a man who can be taught is to waste a man. To teach a man who cannot be taught is a waste of words. The true wise man will not waste neither men nor words (Confucius)

There are two ways of seeing life: one is to believe that miracles do not exist, the other is to believe that everything is a miracle (Albert Einstein)

Old age is the most unexpected thing that happens to man (León Trostky)

Against affective values, reasons are not valid, because reasons are nothing more than reasons, that is, not even true (Miguel de Unamuno)

My favorite hobby is letting time go by, having time, taking my time, wasting time, living out of the box (Françoise Sagan)

He who does not hate anything that lives and lives benevolently and compassionate, free from selfishness and arrogance, unshakable before good and evil, I love that good (Mahabharata)

Never resist temptation.

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There is no order or religion so holy or such a secret place where there are no temptations and adversities (Thomas Kempis)

Vanity haunts us even on our deathbed. We endure it with integrity because we want to overcome its terrible greatness and captivate the admiration of the spectators (Santiago Ramón y Cajal)

Divine calm of the sea, / where the moon expands / long silver trail / that induces pilgrimage (Leopoldo Lugones)

I am me and my circumstance, and if I don’t save her, I won’t save myself (José Ortega y Gasset)

What we do on a decisive occasion will probably depend on what we already are; and what we are will result from previous years of internal discipline (H.P. Lidon)

The very act in which one’s life is renounced signifies the supreme affirmation of the personality; it is a return from the periphery to our spiritual center (José Ortega y Gasset)

He who has once felt happiness tremble in his hands can never die (José Hierro)

I believe that to be a writer it is enough to have something to say, in your own or someone else’s phrases (Pío Baroja)

The memory of the heart eliminates bad memories and magnifies the good ones, and thanks to that artifice, we are able to cope with the past (Gabriel García Márquez)

Ideas come to you when you write, during work. That of having ideas can be achieved with practice. It is, really, a matter of training. Anyone who cannot play a piano is amazed at what a pianist is capable of. But the pianist has not known it from the beginning either, just like that. He has exercised many, many years. The same thing happens with a writer (Michael Ende)

Men and kings must be judged by the critical moments of life (Winston Churchill)

Avoid above any circumstance, sadness; may your joy not be the fruit of favorable circumstances, but the fruit of yourself (Periandro)

If a friend reveals a fault of yours, always be sure that he will not reveal it completely (Fuller)

Friends often abandon us at the time of misfortune; enemies follow us to death (Count of Ramanones)

The judge must have in hand the books of the Law and understanding in the heart (Francois Bacon)

When you feel that you cannot find a solution to your problems and that you cannot bear them anymore, remember this: God tests those he loves the most.

If you see that the wind no longer moves your boat, it is time for you to adjust your sails

The fact that someone has wronged us does not mean anything, unless we insist on remembering it

With faith and hope the future is built; hoping to get what you want, with blind faith in yourself to achieve it

What you think of yourself is much more pertinent than what others think of you (Lucio Anneo Seneca)

You have to benefit everyone as much as you can; often we may need the lowest among us (Jean de La Fontaine)

Stupidity is a most curious disease, it is not suffered by those who suffer from it, but by those around them

If you love someone, set him free; if it comes back to you, it is yours; If not, it never was

To be happy in love one must know, without blinding oneself, how to close one’s eyes (Marcel Achard)

Good art is not what it represents, but what it awakens in us (Roy Adzak)

Nothing reflects so much the character of a man as his behavior with fools (Friedrich Nietzche)

The timorous prefer to live in the shelter of despotism to venture through the stormy sea of ​​freedom (Thomas Jefferson)

Our virtues are not, most of the time, but disguised vices (François de la Rochefoucauld)

The greatest wealth of man consists in having a spirit great enough not to desire wealth (Johann W.

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if a farm makes me a fixed-term contract during the periods in which they have more work, can it be compatible? do I still have to respect the 48 hours / week?

No problem carrying out a second activity. As for respecting the 48 hours per week, I believe so, for 2 reasons: one of a legal nature, in the event of an accident, and one for your physical and mental health.

Hello Roberto, I work with a contract with a private tourism and public business full time of 40 hours per week for an indefinite period (private employer), I would like to ask for leave for health reasons. I currently work in the kitchen, so there can be no conflicts of interest because I would like to go to an office job. The leave is granted to me as long as I write the letter with the months I want to stay at home.If I put myself on unpaid leave with a contract of 40 hours a week, I can work elsewhere always with a contract of 40 hours a week ?? Excuse me for the inconvenience but I ask for security, putting my employer and the agency I would work for on leave, can they see if I have a contract in progress ?? However I can work 40 hours a week being on leave with an open-ended contract of 40 hours ?? thanks a lot in advance gessica

the problem relates to the motivation behind his expectation (health reasons). This is because the company that grants it to him may believe that it is not the real motivation, in consideration of the fact that he does not use the time off work for treatment but to work at another company.

My schedules change every week and vary in a range from 9.00 in the morning to 2.00 at night.

Since I found a second part-time job, for now with a fixed term, always 20 hours a week with fixed hours 4.00-9.00 or 5.00-10.00, I wanted to know how the minimum daily rest limit should work?

If 11 hours have to pass from one day to the next, my first employer is obliged to allow me shifts that do not go beyond 5-6pm, as the next day my second shift would start by 4am. -5?

the question is quite complex and would need some further study. First of all, you should know why your part-time is not “fixed”. If it is due to a company shift, complete with a company contract that governs it; that is, it is due to a flexible clause inserted in his individual contract.

As for rest, the rule refers to the minimum limit of 11 hours but linked to the single employment relationship and therefore does not affect a second job.

I would like to know having a permanent part-time contract 35 hours a week from Monday to Friday with a multiservice spa in the area.

the ancillary employment relationship is an anomalous relationship compared to that of an employee and, I believe, should not respect the accumulation of the maximum 48 hours between the 2 employment relationships.

Hi, I am an educator who currently has two employment contracts: one an employee contract in a social cooperative and the other an hourly work agreement (Maid) with the family of a disabled boy.

being pregnant, I will soon have to enter maternity leave…. but I don’t know whether to ask only an employer, if I am entitled to both contracts or if a single maternity leave will be accumulated? thank you in advance if you will be able to clarify my ideas

Both employers must be informed. Inps will pay for maternity leave proportionate to the hours worked.

Hi, I was hired on 31/12/2014 with a part-time 16h permanent contract (type of contribution – unemployed worker hired by a midday company).

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There are few paintings in which the Lombard painter paints the background, which takes a back seat to the subjects, the only protagonists of his work. For the realization of his paintings, Caravaggio in his studio placed lanterns in specific places to ensure that the models were only partially illuminated, with “grazing light”. With this artifice, Caravaggio brings out from a dark background only specific portions of the painted scene, which thus acquire an almost sculptural relief.

Among the early works of Caravaggio there are many seductive boys usually intent on playing an instrument (traditional accompaniment to love) or eating a fruit (symbol of the satisfaction of the senses); they are young people caught from the street, from the places he liked to frequent such as taverns, gambling dens, brothels and places of ill repute in the city. The continuous proposal of these characters made many critics formulate suppositions regarding the alleged homosexuality of the artist and his two most important patrons, Cardinal Del Monte and the Marquis Giustiniani, who kept many of these works in their private cabinets. ; the most famous of these is the Amor vincit omnia, a painting with strong sensual tones that the artist had to replicate for both clients.

The frequentation of Caravaggio is documented, especially in his Roman years, both of various prostitutes, some of whom, as is known, portrayed in his paintings, and of boys with whom he seems to entertain sentimental relationships, including Mario Minniti, model the Child with a basket of fruit, the Good luck, the cheaters, the Concerto, the Lute Player, the Bacchus, the Boy bitten by a green lizard, the Vocation and the Martyrdom of St. Matthew.

Not only ephebic subjects characterized Caravaggio’s paintings, often the representation, even in official works for public commissions, of old and deformed characters in the role of venerable saints and prostitutes and humble women in the guise of important female figures in the history of the church. The use of these models was the reason for many criticisms that accused the artist of enhancing the clumsiness and filth of certain characters, leaving aside the idealization of beauty and the search for compositional perfection, peculiarities always sought by previous artists , especially in the representation of subjects belonging to the history of religion.

Many paintings by Caravaggio depict saints, the most represented being St. Francis, St. Jerome and St. John the Baptist. St. Francis usually appears as an ascetic figure in prayer, St. Jerome as an old man intent on writing and St. John as a young man, practically naked, in the desert.

In Caravaggio’s paintings we find great realism in the figures, generally represented on a monochrome background, and illuminated by a violent light. The main Caravaggist painters are Bartolomeo Manfredi, Carlo Saraceni, Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi, Giovanni Antonio Galli (known as Spadarino), Francesco Boneri (better known as Cecco del Caravaggio), Gerrit van Honthorst (traditionally called Gherardo delle Notti), Hendrick ter Brugghen , Giovanni Serodine, Carlo Sellitto, Battistello Caracciolo and Jusepe de Ribera; in the latter two, operating in Naples, we find the style of Caravaggio’s last years, characterized by very dark atmospheres. Other artists of the Kingdom of Naples influenced by the Caravaggesque lesson were Pietro Antonio Ferro as well as Luca Giordano, Mattia Preti, Francesco Guarini and (through the latter) Francesco Solimena.

In 1967 Rai broadcast the television drama Caravaggio directed by Silverio Blasi and Gian Maria Volonté as the artist.

In 2002 the short film Vernissage! … 1607 Caravaggio, directed by Stella Leonetti, tells the presentation of one of Caravaggio’s paintings, the Seven Works of Mercy. The artist is played by actor Danny Quinn.

In 2004 the medium-length film Caravaggio was presented. The last time (1606-1610), the work of the Neapolitan director Mario Martone.

In 2008, an art film-medium-length film Voluptas dolendi i gesti del Caravaggio was produced by the Marco Fodella Foundation, based on the play of the same name by Mara Galassi and Deda Cristina Colonna, directed by Francesco Vitali, with Deda Cristina Colonna and Mara Galassi, photography by Francesco Vitali, 17th century Italian music by Baroque composers Francesco da Milano, Laurencinus Romanus, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Ascanio Mayone and Giovanni Maria Trabaci.

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There are times when I really want to let go, we have discussions, but then I can’t do without his kisses and hugs. Furthermore, I also want to make love with him. What’s the matter with me? Is it a healthy relationship or not? … I have the feeling that sooner or later it will end, and that in any case I don’t see him by my side as the man of my life. Why?

I elaborated within myself, but above all I accepted, not to love my husband anymore. I met him at 22 and at 25 I became his wife. When I met him, I admit that I didn’t feel a crazy love for him, but at that moment I needed someone who loved me, who loved me, who made me feel good .. after three years of engagement we decide to get married. At 28 I become a mother. In recent years I have done everything to create the perfect family .. the family in which you can breathe serenity, tranquility, smiles, love .. never a fight .. never and I stress never. Sexuality is not very satisfying, to tell the truth and he is not a man who shows his feelings, he can’t make me feel loved, he can’t make me feel wanted, he can’t make me feel like a woman .. but I know he loves me and I’ve always thought “oh well, don’t do anything. . I know he loves me ”…. Over the years I have always consented to everything, I have adapted to his character and in the couple it has always been me to approach for a caress, a kiss, cook his favorite dish, satisfy him even on the television program to watch together .. just slowly inside me something has gone out .. now even the mere presence bothers me .. I can’t even make love with him (for 7 months now) .. and despite having told him that something in me has changed (unfortunately I couldn’t tell him “I don’t love you anymore”), that I feel different .. that I’m sick .. he keeps pretending nothing has happened, acting as if I had never told him anything. Today I am aware that I no longer love him… rationally I am already away from home, but in reality I lack the courage to do so; I think of the suffering of my daughter (8 years and a strong sensitivity) who among other things has never witnessed a fight (also because we have never argued !!!!!!!) .. I think of the suffering that I would give to all family (mine and hers) .. i think i am afraid of loneliness .. i am afraid that my daughter will hate me .. i am afraid that no one will understand my reasons .. i am afraid of repentance .. i am afraid of doing this step and I ask myself “and if I do a bullshit?” Economically I am independent (in the last two years I have lived my family to tell the truth but not because he is a parasite .. unfortunately his work does not go) .. in any case a mortgage together .. a financial one .. of course it is also true that I pay a mortgage on a house in his name .. but I repeat he is not a bad person, he is good .. he is generous .. but I do not love him and I can not take this step .. I feel terrible .. terrible ..

I apologize if I have dwelt .. but I do not know how to be able to free myself from this situation .. I can not take it anymore. I want to be happy !!!

Dear Valentina, the couples who divorce the most are not those who fight often but those who never fight. It is not possible to have a committed relationship and never have arguments or reasons for conflict. I’m afraid she has adapted too much to him, losing sight of herself, her needs and wants.

what does dating mean to a guy Distinctive Online dating Signifies VS The Romantic relationship, With respect

I’ve already “discussed” (it was mostly a chat) with her about this situation, all she said was “eh, I know I’m going to die for this!” This does not mean, however, that he should take me with him … I thought with this chat / discussion that I had solved it, but when yesterday I entered the room to go to sleep I heard a loud hiss coming from her mobile, she was asleep and had earphones, from the phone turned on the bedside table I could see the light of the open call, at which point I decided to wake her up and tell her to close it because I just couldn’t sleep with that noise.

The problem is that at this point I’m sure he will continue to keep the call open during the night trying to keep me from noticing. Her contract expires in September and I know it won’t be renewed, but I don’t want to stay in this situation until then.

Please help me, with everything you hear about radiation I really fear that something might come to me, I want to force her, using some rule or law to no longer keep calls open during the night. Thank you.

I would like to have an opinion on my situation. I live in a mixed area between the artisan area and the rural area. My home is a single house 200 m as the crow flies from an artisan area where a dryer for drying cereals is located. My report (via email) to the municipality for the verification of noisy emissions (in addition to that of fumes) dates back to January last year, when the plant worked continuously from Monday to Saturday afternoon.

Since August last year, however, it has been in continuous operation every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, the noise level produced by the motors of the dryer and the silos is constant during the day and night. In addition to the noise of the machinery, during the day there is also the noise of the bulldozers and trucks working around this plant.

After my report, in October the ARPA went out to take a measurement, leaving their van in my garden for 20 days. At the end of November I asked the ARPA technician who had visited me for information and he told me that they would also have to make a survey in the plant because of the noise and to do this, the coordination of more technicians would be needed and who could not tell me when this could have happened verification.

In mid-January I re-solicited the technician for an update but he didn’t reply to any of my emails. I also wrote to the mayor if he had news or if he could be seriously interested in my case, but in addition to writing that he would have solicited ARPA, he did not say anything else. Among other things, I invited the mayor to visit me several times to understand how to live continuously immersed in the noise, but he never came to verify the situation in person.

Now to avoid having to lock myself in the house all summer, since the noise spreads widely in my garden, I would like to know how to behave, to be able to make sure that those in charge take care of my case in a serious way.

I read with great interest what was published on the site and I found the answers given to readers’ communications very precise and timely. Unfortunately, I find myself in the position of having to ask for advice too because I suffer from the acoustic excesses of a party venue.

I go with order. I live on the second floor of a building on the ground floor of which a place was opened about two years ago where various parties are organized for birthdays, etc. The problems due to the high volume use of acoustic equipment began immediately, a fact of which I complained first verbally and then in writing with the condominium administrator. THE

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fter a parenthesis in Spain with Oviedo, at 32 the Kenyan is free.

We are in 2011, and the promising El Kabir arrives in Cagliari from Mjällby. The new Zlatan. Like so many players alongside Ibrahimovic, even the naturalized Dutch Moroccan was unable to retrace the footsteps of the Galaxy giant.

Having landed in Sardinia, El Kabir immediately goes to the beach to exchange a few passes with the fans: immediately an idol. Even more after the debut, with a goal, against Roma. Then, nothing more. According to many, it was a malformation to his teeth that caused him to miss most of the rest of the season, playing just seven games before returning to Sweden.

After years in Sweden and a hit and run in Saudi Arabia, El Kabir currently plays in the Turkish league. He has never proved to be a great striker, amid injuries, technical choices and discontinuities: thirty years ago what he can with the Kalmar shirt.

Those with a long eye will surely remember Nef, a Swiss defender who challenged Napoli in the second leg in the Europa League and will challenge Napoli. 36 years old, he played in Italy at the beginning of his career. With positive notes only in Serie B.

It is the two-year period 2006-2008 and Nef plays two positive seasons with Piacenza, in Serie B. Radja Nainggolan also plays in the same team, who will have a decidedly different career. In red and white he was noticed by Udinese, but with the bianconeri he will play just two matches in Serie A, but also two in the then UEFA Cup. Then the farewell, in silence.

After Huelva, Triestina and Young Boys, Nef joined Zurich in 2013, with which he won six trophies and played several editions of the Europa League. Among other things, Udinese had bought him from this specific Swiss team, with which he played most of his career.

Dutch midfielder, born in ’92, he arrived at Chelsea at a very young age after the explosion in Vitesse. With the Blues he made his debut in the Premier and Champions League, showing his great talent but also the worrying tendency to injuries.

In the summer of 2014, Milan decided to bet on him, but for much of the season Van Ginkel remained a mysterious object. Then, suddenly, in March he started playing all the games, also finding his first Serie A goal against Roma. A flash that did not last long, as Milan decided not to redeem him.

After a stint in the Premier League at Stoke, Van Ginkel returned to the Netherlands in February 2016, moving to PSV. A choice that changed his career: the former Milan has in fact found an impressive consistency of performance and this season, culminating in the victory of the title, has even scored 14 goals.

One of the most coveted full-backs at the time of Ajax, an important pawn of the PSG Champion of every French competition. Van der Wiel could have been one of the greatest outsiders in Europe, but he got lost in gossip and discontinuity almost immediately. Having played for the Parisians still gives him great international prominence, although it is not always essential.

After four years at PSG, at the age of 28, he begins his journey outside France. Not really exciting. Disappoint at Fenerbahce, disappoint at Cagliari. Welcomed with some doubts but with a lot of hope by the rossoblù fans, the player will ask to be sold, after just six months and five flop matches, due to a fight for salvation. Too little for him.

Van Der Wiel, together with his beautiful Rose Bertram, therefore arrives in the MLS. In Toronto he does what he can, but even here he fails to be satisfied: accused the club of not wanting to win, unlike him, on January 24, 2019 he officially left the Canadian club.

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And we come from Milan, too, because the factory of ideas from which the “alternative” agenda was born (I apologize) came from a very fertile ground, which mediated between living things. The taste of the Milanese cabaret of previous times (put Jannacci, put Beppe Viola, shake it), Radio Popolare, Gino and Michele with Nico Colonna and all the others. Times – 1978 – stupidly told only as fatal, gloomy and “leaden”, and where instead instincts of genius snapped, acrobatic intuitions one of which, in fact, Smemo. It was a kind of distinctive sign, of semi-clandestine samizdad, at the time, but it already had its big squares and a strong identity. In short, she knew how to mix belonging and lightness, superpop with her feet on the ground, democratic but without beating up too much. Who would have thought, then that more than a publishing enterprise it seemed like a goliarda of free spirits, which would have marked and contained the sentimental education of millions of children? And that those kids would become adults by keeping them all?

Well, yes, Smemoranda is mostly school stuff, of course, and it goes back to school, right? Perfect. And in fact, nothing like leafing through your ancient Smemo gives us back, vivid, our young lives. Because “as we were” is only the premise of “as we are”. On “how we will be” we will see (how scary!), But it is likely that we would have in hand (in two hands, which weighs!) A Smemo to mess with.

The Literature Festival of Rome asked me to write and then read an unpublished text. The theme was: writers / readers, the bandits of words. Here it is (it is long, it is not mandatory, I know people who have not read it and live very well, but in short, who cares …)

Thanks to them a little less, if I have to be honest, because theirs was a horrible blackmail. An absurd and impossible request and that is to pull out of a hat – a gigantic hat, an immense hat – a sentence, a quote, a quotation mark of those who changed my life, who explained to me what to read, and why not I would never stop doing it.

In short, I appeal to the benevolence of all of you, if you are a reader you will understand that it is not easy to find that phrase, the very words that opened the world to you. For this reason I am willing to all possible pandering, to extreme paraculism, to the point of saying: “Hey! I’m a reader too, we’ll get along!

But what do you want? Could you put me looking around the house for Treasure Island to say about my first jump on the chair? Whether it goes to dig among the beautiful words of others, the effective phrases, those that maybe occasionally serve to impress, or because you know how to hook them to a situation, because you use them as a caption, a stupid seduction:

Here. I’ve already screwed up. I declare myself inadequate to the task, I give up, but at the same time I intend to sell my skin dearly and I remember this sentence, which is a beginning, which is a shot, which is a bet, and a promise, and a challenge:

Here, you see it. It is not a historical phrase, it is not even the one who remembered the ice in front of the firing squad. It is not even Holden who says about the books that have electrocuted you and that you would like the author to be your friend and be able to call him on the phone whenever you want.

It is the opening words of The Nose, by Gogol, which is already an absurd story: how do you lose a nose? And how does that nose take a carriage and go around Petersburg, detached from its general, the owner of the nose, the rightful owner? Absurd, yes, true. But even more absurd is how you end up in it.

Dig a hole in a wood, in the middle of the path.

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I translate: liberalism loves that invisible little hand of the market that fixes everything so much, but then it happens that that little hand shows up with hat in hand to ask for money, and then all the beautiful theories about the self-regulating market go a bit to get blessed.

In short, the objections to any possible state control over companies that would benefit from funding are ideological. The first, somewhat surprising, says that putting someone to control how companies spend our money would increase corruption. As if to say that, uff !, if you put someone here to check me, then I have to bribe him. Strange defense. Others, more imaginative, cry out to the Soviets and the state economy, and are also raised up when asking for the participation of workers in the strategic choices of companies. Vade retro, pussa away! But where are we, huh, in Moscow in the 1930s? It escapes them, even if they know it well, that this is already happening in Germany, and also with good results.

In short, the Confindustrial-Italic mood is “give us the money and mind your own business”, in practice the request for assisted capitalism but without counterparts. In this way, the incoming cascade of billions will not only not change the country, but will end up endlessly perpetuating the system of inequalities that the pandemic has made visible to all. And afterwards, when we get worse, the story that the state must stay away from the market can continue undaunted, except to chase money when needed.

Big as a city, cultural political movement born in the Third Municipality of Rome, invited me for a chat with Christian Raimo. We talked about the circles in the water but also above all about everything else, with Milan in the foreground. Below. Thank you

Look at times how misfortunes happen. Our little daily geopolitics, until yesterday relegated to disputes over the boundaries of the neighborhood (will I be less than two hundred meters from home? Do I have the self-certifying safe conduct with me?) Suddenly expands to global issues. The sciura Pina in the queue at the butcher no longer discusses only masks and disinfectants, but she wonders (and asks in dismay to the sciura in front of her) if by chance China was very bad by making a virus escape from the test tubes where she raised it, and if by chance Mr. Trump makes some moves of his, and if then, in case, we have a world war between the first and second powers of the planet, what a disaster, my lady, we will all die.

Of course everyone will make his own idea, and equally naturally if he will do it without any scientific or factual basis: the prevailing opinion of scientists, for now, is that it is a fair hoax, to which is added a dizzying sense of déja vu. . Because those with a minimum of historical memory look at US defense secretary Mike Pompeo say: “We have evidence”, and in him see old Colin Powell, US secretary of state in 2003, waving other “evidence”, that bottle of anthrax which “testified” to the existence of Saddam’s chemical weapons, a hoax later claimed, but which served to kill hundreds of thousands.

The dispute therefore is between a dictatorial regime that has isolated sixty million people with very brisk methods, somehow saving a population of one billion and four hundred million Chinese, and the leader of an advanced democracy who longs for injections of bleach as a cure and of international plots, six months before the elections. Even the images have their weight: on the one hand Chinese propaganda where Swiss efficiency and iron determination are shown; on the other hand, the Michigan supremacist militias demonstrating machine guns to contest the Lockdown and claim their right to become infected by blowing Nazi slogans in their faces. So at first glance I would not like to live either on one side, where you are tracked and monitored even while you go to the toilet, or on the other, where good citizens instead of masks line up to buy a shotgun.