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But what? Thing?”). In short, the scenario is the usual one of the aspiring metropolis city, which seems a bit stunned after the party, the coronation as a “moral capital”, the drunkenness of modernity, the return down-to-earth: a city with everything its evil inside, where everyone is fighting their battle alone. The investigation is difficult, complicated things are insinuated into it, like … well Monterossi takes it personally, in short, he’s angry.

This time he is not looking for justice for himself, but for a victim for whom he feels somehow responsible, for an innocent person who “did not deserve it” (but who deserves it, then?). I say no more, of course, (here is the flap on the cover that will make you understand something more).

The book arrives on March 3 in the bookstores of the kingdom. I don’t know why I care a lot, it was born as a kind of blues and then it went its own way, because when you leave threads and stories around then it happens that they re-tie themselves.

If you wanted to give a scientific definition, here it is: “Angelino Alfano is said to be the wine missing from the half-empty glass”. A question resolved on the left – in the government-Renzista left, as there are no others available – with a simple reversal of meaning: the glass is half full, and stop bothering.

Thus we are witnessing numerous spin. Matteo Renzi’s jubilant tweet about the “historic turning point”, and the rapid queuing up of those who, for another law (the original Cirinnà, with adoptions and all), had fought, perhaps really, perhaps by pretense, in the Party of the Nation. Or the protests of the LGBT associations outside the Senate as opposed to being satisfied with their political representatives inside the Senate.

Just as legislation is being made on the family (or on a kind of substitute for homosexuals), the famous motto that Longanesi wanted on the flag (“Tengo Famiglia”) should be changed and replaced with “Better than nothing”. The latest found on the obligation of loyalty, forgive the medieval touch, adds grotesque to grotesque, they wanted to differentiate civil union from straight marriage, and that’s it: no adoption, faster separations, no loyalty. Serie B weddings. Italian Serie B. With the note that “Better than nothing” we can say about everything, but not about rights, considered non-negotiable but, as you can see, highly negotiable, and even on the downside.

The most successful civil union, in the end, is that between Matteo Renzi and Denis Verdini: one welcomes the other in the majority with the cry of “whoever is there”, the other looks like the cat with a mouse in its mouth. The “best of nothing” echoes in the echoes of propaganda, while Verdini and his friends – the continuation of Berlusconi by other means – seem to say “it could not have been better than this”.

There remains the bitter taste of a “question of conscience” that has become a question of trust and alignment, of party discipline, of a glass half empty that has to be declared half full. Vince Alfano, in short, and here we could digress. Because, in short, the proportional was thrown overboard so as not to have to hear more about the scales and compromises, when the balance was ten percent.

And now, very modern and efficient, the balance has zero point, some ministers, many undersecretaries and, in fact, leads the “most leftist government of the last thirty years”, cit. Matteo Renzi, February 2014). And so it happens that the spotlight, applause, consensus and flattery are reserved for Renzi, while instead Alfano rules, the wine that is missing from the glass half empty.

Attention, focus, follow. Test for more than skilled solvers. If you marry a woman and are a man you have an obligation of fidelity. If you are a woman who marries a man, the same. If you are a man who marries a man you can do – I say it in French – whatever the fuck you want, have six lovers, two concubines, six cats, a motorcycle and a mute servant like Zorro.

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Good evening doctor, thanks again for the answer. A man who gives stimuli should be the one who knows how to surprise me with his proposals, initiatives, with the desire to improve, know how to replace me when I cannot take care of something … but not only in material things but in relationships with others. I have not even met such men but I have always believed they could not love me and that I was not at their level. I have therefore always chosen men who are easier to conquer … from whom to get affection by demonstrating all my abilities, as if this were the only way to be loved … to point out one’s intelligence … that’s why I’m usually the one who is also takes care of asking for the bill at the restaurant or information at the offices, dealing with all the problems that may not concern me but my partner. Maybe it’s my fault that I made him lay down, I don’t give my partner the opportunity to try to do something on his own because now I think maybe he may not do it in the same way as me. A perfect relationship was thus created for him who, relieved of many tasks, tends to reciprocate with an indescribable affection and also happy for the fact that there is little fight because everything seems, thanks to my efforts, apparently perfect. The man I’m with is shy but very affectionate and nice, my family loves him, all my friends envy me for his goodness, sweetness and altruism and yet I feel a void. I should certainly solve the problem of sex too. non-existent as I have already told her … I run away because I feel that he does not know how to take me as I would like … he tries to understand for me what I want and to try in other ways but I know it is a stretch for him … it should be all natural and not on indication and therefore those rare times that we are together I live the moment without pleasure and always in the memory of the perfect sexual harmony without explanation that I had with the other. The other gave stimuli … he had ideas, projects … he was working successfully and. I felt like a woman … but I arrived too late and I had to give up and I don’t understand why at a certain point I missed my current partner. I would like to love him because he is not the so-called “str ….” but a man deserving of love .. and maybe of a family as he wishes from me .. but I keep looking around me all the time … as if the right one hadn’t arrived yet but then I tremble at the idea of ​​losing him … I know that it is a selfish act forcing me to carry on a relationship with these assumptions but I am too confused and frightened by the advancing age, indecision and fear of loneliness. I’m afraid dj to leave my partner and maybe then discover that he was wrong and can no longer fix it. Doctor is too complex, I have so much to tell. I am a woman who only thinks about work, who lives in the resignation of relationships and who thinks too much… also a reason for continuous anxiety and panic. I will certainly have to do psychological counseling but for work I never have time and then my problems touch every sphere and I don’t know if there is a need for a psychologist who has specific experience because I don’t find the source of the problem. Maybe you can give me your suggestion on this last thing. Thanks again.

Thank you for your further clarification. She is looking for an equal relationship like the one she had with her ex, with whom there was sexual harmony because he was a man and she could afford to be a woman. Here, I fear instead that she is a mother: her partner is sweet, cuddly but leaves her with all the responsibilities as children do with their mother.

what does dating mean to a guy Exceptional Relationship Means VS The Romance, In accordance

For the second question, you can definitely make a 16-hour chariot with a W230 flour, but using it at 100% seems risky to me, and then why? Do you want to make slippers?

by analyzing a type 2 flour, stone-ground soft wheat, coming from a mix of so-called ancient grains, I report below the results, I state that the laboratory that performed the test is serious

therefore it is possible such a thing, perhaps due to grains with particular characteristics I have to be excluded in the most absolute way, and therefore is this data to be attributed only to an error of analysis?

Good morning after making panettone and pandoro, I have a couple of kilos of flour left over, with 15.0 grams of protein indicated.

Flour is essentially starch and proteins, if you want to reduce the protein content just add starch (frumina if you want to be “philologically” correct). In fact, this is what you do when you want to reduce the strength of the flour for some sweets (in these cases starch or cornstarch is used more frequently). However, keep in mind that the strength of the flour varies not only according to the quantity of proteins but also their “quality”. For the doses just make a simple proportion: if you add 10 grams of frumina to your hectogram of flour with 15% protein you will get 110 grams of mixture with 15/110 -> 13.63% protein.

In addition to using starch as indicated by coletti, you can lower the proteins by mixing it with another flour type “0” or “00” with 10% of proteins that you find in the supermarket, for example under the coop brand in packs of kg, in any case a bit all First price flours in 1kg packs have on average those proteins.

For example, you can mix them at 50% each and you get a flour with 12.5% ​​protein, this you could use to make bread with a decent leavening time (7-8 hours minimum).

Or cut it to 30% (the one with 15% protein) with 70% of the one that has 10% protein and you get a mix that has about 11.5% and this you can use with a little less hours of leavening than the example of before ..

It is possible that a type 2 flour derived from ancient grains has those characteristics.

The P / L is high for a very simple reason, type 2 has a fair amount of cruscal parts which prevent a correct alveographic analysis and therefore is a “false” P / L, without those cruscal parts it would have been very different.

However, in general the P / L varies a lot according to the quantity and quality of gluten in a flour, consider that even the climatic changes play to modify this characteristic, a balanced flour has a P / L that varies from 0.4-0, 6. But this is not always the case, there are vintages that if the climate is hot and dry without rain and perhaps even with little protein where the P / L can reach higher values.

I read the one by Piergiorgio Giorilli and Elena Lipetskaia but the recipes are for professional bakers.

it would be very interesting to deepen the topic concerning the maturation and leavening of the dough, perhaps also talking about the use of diesterase malt.

Hello everyone, I have a problem with flour labels. For months since I started to get passionate about cooking I wondered about the difference between flours and then I began to understand the concept of the strength of flour. In the end I found the beautiful book of prof. Bressanini “The Science of Pastry” and I seemed to have understood everything: the strength of a flour depends on the protein content. The more proteins there are, the stronger a flour is. The strength of a flour is measured with the coefficient W: a weak flour (W around 180) is good for biscuits, shortbread, sweets, a medium flour (W 200-260 around) is good for bread and pizza while for large leavened serves very strong flour with W from 350 upwards. I also remember reading that since the W coefficient is not always indicated on the package it would have been enough to refer to the protein content: proteins between 9 and 10% weak flour (W = 180 approximately), proteins between 11 and 12% medium strength flour (W = 200-260 approximately) and protein 14% strong flour (W = 350 or more). It all seemed clear to me and I was ready to try my hand at bread and pizzas then I started looking for the right flour and everything collapsed. On the labels of some flours I find the following: flour with W = 180 content in 10% proteins, flour with W = 260 content in 10% proteins and flour with W = 400 content in proteins always 10%. At this point I ask myself: is it I who have not understood anything or is it the labels that are not reliable? Thank you!

I am preparing for the food chemistry exam and it was not clear to me how ascorbic acid affected the leavening. Now I understand, thanks everyone ^ _ ^

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Or if even the blanket will not be pulled at all. In this case it will be a government of full continuity: proclamations, reforms and slices of salami on the eyes, only to fall from the pear tree when it deals with the crime news.

It was since the days of La Stangata (1973), with Paul Newman and Robert Redford, that you have not seen such an accurate and perfect package pulled to chicken on duty. Having said that the distance between Salvini and Paul Newman is the one that separates Orio al Serio from Pluto, the package was successful, the enraged 5Stelle remained there like the cow watching the train go by, and Salvini does the ace catch everything and the most courted damsel in the realm: will she still dance with Silvio? He doesn’t know, he’s thinking about it. Flirtatious.

There are other famous scams, and one is right for us: in 1925 a certain Victor Lustig managed to sell the Eiffel Tower to a scrap dealer, posing as a government official and saying that they would soon dismantle it. That one was stupid enough to give him 250,000 francs (a lot), plus a bribe to facilitate the deal. When he realized he had been scammed he did not file a complaint to avoid (I say it in French) the colossal figure of shit.

Here, I think it would be a mistake for the 5Stelle not to report the scammer, that is Salvini Matteo, aged 45, known to the news. It is true that there are maps and maps published by the newspapers that tell us that if Matteo and Gigi get together in the elections, they win. However, it is one thing to make a government agreement between different ones, and another is to divide up the constituencies to win outright. That is, it would no longer be a “contract” with two contractors (one decidedly smarter than the other), but a political agreement. Do not report the scammer, and rather go with him, will produce cracks, grumbles and probably landslides. If so, if Salvini breaks with the center-right to pursue the plebiscite, a summer of terrorism awaits us: what about the mortgage? And the spread? And what will Moody’s say? Huh? Have you thought about it?

In short, there is a further trap in front of us: to divide the country on a topic (euro yes / euro no) that is more fabled than real (and also rather stupid), allowing Salvini to be the defender of the people and the poor people . To summarize: the one that has in the program the greatest gift to the rich in history, the flat tax, will pass for a kind of Robin Hood who defends us from the rating agencies. If all goes wrong (and everything makes us think) the contrast will be between two economic right: that of yet another gift to the rich, to Salvini’s income and profit, and that liberal, rigorist who will exhibit his tanks during the election campaign: the spread, your mortgage, the severe warnings from the ECB, the specter of Greece, agitated like a ghost in a collapsing castle, and the traditional “we will all die”. Missing Standard & Poor’s writing on flags, but we’re almost there.

We will be in the midst of these artfully constructed, crushed opposites, arguing and arguing about something that was not talked about for a nanosecond in the last election campaign that just ended.

The risk for the 5Stelle is to witness all this stunned and shocked as when a relative dies, and the flag of “they cheated us” – whether it refers to Mattarella or Salvini – is never a great pass for success. People, in general, think that the scammer is a bastard, but also that the scammer is a bit of a fool, and that if he is cheated once he will fall for it again, that he deserves it a bit.

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Here. The core, under the storm of reactions at the end of the Marchionne era, is this: is the market unchangeable and uncontrollable as is convenient for a few, or can it be governed as it would suit many? Good question, in spite of the usual story about the death of ideologies. The rest – from hagiography to insults – is background noise.

There is great expectation in the country for the self-defense reform process to start (this week), and as with everything (immigration, gardening, economy, crochet work, aerospace science, vegan cuisine, sun creams, dop products, organic honey), the line is dictated by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini. These are the advantages of those who never work: they can have many hobbies. Salvini’s thought is well known: too much trouble, trials, expenses for lawyers, for those who shoot someone who is stealing an ornament in the living room. The lobby of arms manufacturers and sellers is naturally favorable: one million and 398.920 licenses for firearms seem few for a country of sixty million inhabitants, and Italy remains in an inferior position compared to Texas, where they are also armed. embryos, or peaceful places like Libya. Here are some common sense rules that the reform should incorporate.

Shoot the thieves in the house. Of course you can shoot the thieves in the house. A somewhat ambiguous rule because it is not clear at whose home. “But at the thieves’ house!”, Salvini immediately clarifies. In practice, the good Italian citizen with a Romanian neighbor, or a foreigner in general, can knock, wait for someone to open and then chill him on the balcony. This is an extended criterion of self-defense, interpreted in a less restrictive key. If it turns out that the dead man was not a thief but a very honest person, the accused will not be entitled to a refund of the bullet, which he will have to pay with his own money. “Too punitive rule – Salvini says – we will change it”.

Guns bonus. Following the example of the culture bonus, money will be given to young people at the age of eighteen to buy firearms. There are those who are skeptical, because it is not easy to put in place checks and verifications. “And what if we discover that with that money they buy a book? – says Savini – Norma to be reviewed ”.

Widespread shooting range. The increase in the possession of weapons by honest citizens who want to defend themselves from crime by shooting children who recover the ball that has ended up in the courtyard requires a minimum of ballistic preparation. But setting up neighborhood polygons (or blocks of flats for more populous areas) could be expensive. The reform designed by Salvini would like to overturn the concept and fight bureaucracy. Enough registration, applications on stamp paper, verification of documents. To train your aim, just wander around a Roma camp, or some center for foreign asylum seekers.

Economic recovery. The benefits of a reform that liberalizes the use of weapons, as Salvini and those who manufacture them would like, are also economic. Apart from the surge in interventions in private health care (it is estimated that the number of those who shoot themselves in the foot cleaning the Colt will increase by 334 percent), excellent performance is expected for the funeral home, florists and obituaries sector. The reform will then have a flywheel effect: knowing that they are waiting for him armed, even the chicken thief will buy a weapon, engaging a virtuous circle for which in ten years one will have to go around with wallet, telephone, car keys, house keys. , and nine-gauge Glock. The bag returns.

Family first. Salvini’s passion for family values ​​is well known, in fact he had two or three families, always placing wives and companions in good jobs thanks to politics.

what does dating mean to a guy Exceptional Internet dating Signifies VS A Partnership, In accordance

The following month from the beginning of the entertainment, after having collected more than 80 signatures from residents in the area, we presented a complaint to the Mayor for the high volume of the acoustic system.

Once the request was sent, the ARPA intervened about two months later, applying the differential D.P.C.M. 14/11/97 for the inside of the houses and finding that the limit was well exceeded.

Having received the ARPA report, the Mayor issued the order to the manager with the injunction to provide for interventions within 2 days to ensure that the noise emission parameters are returned.

The manager presented a counter-observation through a lawyer who declared the ARPA report illegitimate as the Municipality had never approved an acoustic zoning plan for the territory, dealing with the subject only with a resolution to advise and then continued as if nothing had happened until 15 September, the closing date of the summer season (but shouldn’t the Mayor have sent the counter order received from the manager’s lawyer to the ARPA?).

With the approach of the next summer season we asked for a meeting with the Mayor who will receive us on Saturday 24 April and we would be grateful if by that date you could provide us with an opinion with arguments to be presented in order to be able to block the activity.

I live in Genoa and my problem is the very loud music coming from the bar below, with speakers also positioned outside the venue. The bar remains open every evening (including music!) Well beyond 02.00, when it should close, as per license.

First of all, I ask you if and from whom it is possible to ask to respect the closing time, and what are the sanctions that can be requested. Furthermore, from reading all the documentation deposited with the Municipality by the manager, I was struck by two passages.

The first: in the document “substitutive declaration of acoustic clearance with acoustic technician report”, “the undersigned declares that the installation and use of external sound reproduction systems is not envisaged for the activity to be carried out “.

The second: in the document concerning “Law n.447 / 1995 – acoustic impact for new production activity” (registered letter with return receipt) it is stated that “as contained in the documentation received … no impediment to the exercise of the activity in question provided that the same is achieved … by operating a mechanical limitation on the volume knobs of the stereo system so that at most the levels assumed by the TCAA are output; the above limitation must be notified to the writer in the sector within 90 days from the date of this deed “.

I live in Milan in Via Castelvetro (Sempione area) and every Monday morning at 6, ten minutes more or less, I am awakened by the noise caused by the AMSA employees who empty the glass bins. My bedroom is on the street, double glazed windows, second floor.

I wanted to know what I can do to solve this problem which, I verified with some research on the internet, afflicts many Milanese citizens. I have already read the website of the municipality of Milan which describes the functions of the Noise Pollution Office which, however, has no competence in street washing and waste collection.

I am writing to you to have your opinion on the situation that I have been living for 4 years, since I bought a two-room apartment whose bedroom is located above the kitchen of a bar pizzeria restaurant.

I was assured that I would not have any problems but it was not so, in fact it is not so much the noise of the machinery (dishwasher, oven …) as the clamor and the shouting of the room itself that disturb during the night hours. I also practically hear the customers’ own speeches as if they were next to my bed not to mention the songs they sing during parties, birthdays etc.

The condominium regulation says that after 10 pm you must not cause disturbance, however the exercise clearly closes well after midnight, my condominium administrator has liquidated everything with letters of warning to the owner but the thing clearly does not even depend on him as much as on the fact that any noise is still very well perceived especially in the night silence of the house.

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A 100-year-old voter from Bari voted this morning in section 71 of the Marconi school. He arrived at the polling station accompanied by his children and …

Checks underway at the “Frugoni” Internal Medicine Clinic on Legionella values ​​in water: this was communicated by the Bari Polyclinic. At the moment there is no …

Infections have risen to 26 within the RSA “Oasi Santa Fara” in Bari which hosts 39 patients and 28 operators. The subjects found …

Coronavirus contagion cases increase, today on only 1,895 swabs, about half of the past few days, 81 positivity were recorded: 37 …

At least 18 people infected with Coronavirus would be inside the Oasi di Santa Fara di Bari residence for the elderly, a facility that houses patients who are not …

Last six and a half hours to go to the polling stations, the gong will sound at 3 pm and the polls will be closed. Yesterday at 11pm, according to …

Today Sunday 20 September 2020 in Puglia, out of 2,777 tests for Covid-19 coronavirus infection, 50 positive cases were recorded: 29 in the province of …

At 12 noon, according to the data reported on the website of the Ministry of the Interior, for the Regionals the turnout in the seats in Puglia is equal to 12.04%, …

All maritime state-owned concessions have been extended to 2033. This is to allow beach managers to be able to plan the next …

Military of the N.O.R. – Operational Section of the Modugno Carabinieri Company, arrested in flagrant crime, in Mola Di Bari (BA), 3 individuals …

“We don’t want to lose our job”. The strike and protest sit-in took place yesterday afternoon between slogans, flags and whistles …

Shooting last night, around 7 pm, in the McDonald’s parking lot in the San Paolo district. A man, a 27-year-old convict from Fasano, tried …

Eight candidates for the presidency of the Puglia Region, 29 lists and over 1,300 aspiring regional councilors. Today begins the challenge in the polls between Michele …

After the outbreak in Polignano, Puglia continues to face the Covid emergency. With the concern of families for the reopening of schools and …

Last afternoon, the Carabinieri of the local station, with the help of the dog units of the Carabinieri Unit of Modugno, arrested in flagrant …

The agents of the Local Police of Bari, coordinated by the Officers of the Traffic Services and the Command Staff, did not believe their eyes when, in …

The breakdown of educational and youth policies announces that the definitive three-year general ranking for … is to be published on the institutional website of the Municipality, at this link.

The shooting of a new western series with big names in American cinema produced by Palomar will begin next autumn in Puglia. The anticipation, without …

The 345 polling stations in Bari and the 4 Covid polling stations (one main set up in the Polyclinic and three itinerant ones) are all covered. The common…

“The dictatorship of the tampon” made “for excess of prudence”, used en masse on asymptomatic people, risks sending the system “haywire” by producing the …

Fireworks in Bari? A cultural heritage that resists the good practices of civil coexistence. Especially in popular districts, such as the Carrassi district, always …

“I accepted because I am sensitive to social issues and the question of democracy.” Asia Iurlo, president of the hospital seat of the Policlinico di Bari, is …

Strike and sit-in protest of the 13 workers of the Disney Store in via Sparano which will close from next October 3rd. Employees …

Out of 3,717 swabs processed today, 108 positive cases are in Puglia: 40 in the province of Bari, 12 in the Bat, 3 in the province of Brindisi, …

By 25 September, the shareholders of Banca Popolare di Bari must submit the lists of candidates for the new board of directors of the Apulian institute to be held.

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Miniature from the Liber divinorum operum by Hildegard of Bingen (XII century), preserved in the state library of Lucca

Miniature from the Très riches heures du duc de Berry by the brothers de Limbourg (14th century) preserved in the Musée Condé in Chantilly

Leonardo even took care to diligently mark the various points of reference so that everything is more easily verifiable. In fact, if we have the goodness to open the compass to the distance of a palm, we will have no difficulty in noting that this will fall six times in the measure of a cubit of the upper left limb of the figure, since the right is less precise. This same distance, then, from bottom to top, will correspond to all those body segments that Leonardo marked with a light line, from time to time, at the height of the knee, pubis and chest. Not for nothing, a little further on, in his long caption, Leonardo specifies: “From the breasts above the head is the fourth part of the man”. Which corresponds to the “greater width of the shoulders”, also carefully marked by the artist (fig. 2).

Leonardo’s anthropometric investigation continues becoming more and more in-depth. Thus Leonardo explains that the distance “from it elbow to the end of the shoulder is the eighth part of it homo”. A measure that coincides with that of the head, since he writes: “from below the chin to the top of the head is the eighth of the height of the man” (fig. 3).

Now, this last indication, which seems completely marginal, has an anthropometric value that is anything but secondary since it implicitly denounces Leonardo’s knowledge of the fact that, in the standing figure, the center of the body coincides with the prominence of the pubis. In fact, the distance from the feet to the pubis is identical to that between the top of the head and the pubis itself.

Not only that, but the sum of these two measurements, equal to the total height, coincides with the distance that, with open arms, separates the tip of each middle finger (fig. 4). In this way, the man who takes this position can be inscribed in a square.

But the genius of Leonardo’s drawing also lies in being able to synthesize in a single image those two anthropometric figures that Vitruvius treats separately: the “homo ad quadratum” and the “homo ad circulum”. The latter figure is to be realized, according to De architectura, by placing a supine man on a surface and making sure to draw a circle with a compass pointed at the navel.

Not only that, but by opening the compass so that the two points coincide with the distance between the internal edges of the feet apart, you will be surprised to see that this measurement coincides with that between the pubis and the base of the two lower limbs, giving rise to an equilateral triangle (fig. 5).

There remains the problem of the decrease of a fourteenth of the total height, apparently set aside by Leonardo in the drawing because the heads of the two ideally superimposed figures of the “homo ad quadratum” and the “homo ad circulum” coincide.

However, if we have the goodness to draw with the compass the distance that separates the base of the square from the big toe of the right foot of the figure with the legs apart, we will be surprised to see that it falls fourteen times on the vertical side of the square (fig. 6).

This, however, does not mean that the middle of the body is the navel, according to what was generally believed, because only under certain conditions (those investigated by Leonardo and represented by him), the navel ended up overlapping an ideal circle built around the human figure (fig. 7).

Graduated in History of Art, he holds the chair of Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. He was a fellow at the Warburg and Courtauld Institute in London and taught at the University of Macerata where he held courses in Iconography of musical instruments.

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Indeed, I have a problem with my neighbor and I, living in a two-family villa. A bar in front of our house has been opened for about eight months, where apparently it is a villa of about 90 square meters. The perimeter land does not exist, but all the land for a distance from the border mt. 5, in fact it is a flat roof protruding from the “Zero” level of about 1 meter, where the basement is a garage, the bar uses this area with the presence of tables, right on the solar pavement exactly at the border of our villa, this being floor at the same level as the floor of the Bar.

All this space at the level of the floor of the premises (already registered as a commercial activity of the type Offices, sales warehouses and crafts, all corresponding to the PRG of the Municipality) has been issued a license for administration, in contrast to the PRG itself (perhaps contestable ).

All the walls of the lease are made of glass, built precisely to carry out a sale of motor vehicles, an activity carried out before the opening of the BAR. Of course, you can imagine the noises you hear both behind closed and open doors, in our opinion the walls are not suitable for receiving administration activities, but only those described above resulting from the Municipality’s PRG.

1. Can the tables be placed on the aforementioned pavement which is behind the room and in front of our villa? (5 meters from the border)

2. Can the noises caused by the activity be contested? (from a view of the administrative documents, the Bar presented a declaration of acoustic impact to the Municipality, assuming a certain noise with a certain number of people both inside and outside, in dB, only on the paper (but not at the local start) just below the threshold 60 db on 65 db allowed.

The measurements were made by an authorized company, presented after the opening of the Bar. Opening of the Bar on 14.5.2009, presentation of the acoustic evaluation on 28.5.2009 by the license holder.

I live in a terraced house so I have two neighbors. My husband, guitarist, has soundproofed a rumpus room in which my son, drummer PER HOBBY, has inserted a drums. The drums are played for half an hour a day (not every day) at LEGITABLE times: never in the evening after 9pm and never in the morning and early afternoon.

My neighbor, a very intolerant person (here I cannot describe her complaints about everything: barbeque, cat, etc.) complains (she sent me a note from the condominium administrator to me and to all the other owners of the houses ) describing the situation with enormous falsity, i.e. declaring that the drums are played continuously (my son works as a designer away from home …) and at wrong times, etc.

For the sake of consideration, I also asked the other side / direct neighbor if he feels discomfort from the sound of the battery and he replied that not only is he not heard much (the tavern is soundproofed) but also for a short time (half an hour at the maximum) and at absolutely not annoying times. He also stated that he was willing to WITNESS this opinion to anyone. Keep in mind that the neighbor who complains has a large dog that not only circulates in the often free condominium garden, but barks for hours and hours in the garden, and especially in summer it is really unbearable. We have never complained because we are convinced that between condominiums there must also be a minimum of reasonableness in tolerating each other’s defects when these do not exceed a threshold considered bearable.

That’s the point … the subjectivity of what is deemed bearable. I wonder: my neighbor who claims the false MUST PROVE what she claims somehow?

a year later I return to write. P.

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.how to repair an electrical outlet or repair the sink drain and much more and in doing so I also lose that sexual impulse towards my partner almost as if he did not deserve or was not up to knowing how to involve me in that sense. I state that I have always been loved so much by the men I have been with and even today at work men propose themselves complimenting me for my sweetness and ability but … no one who gives me stimuli … I would like to feel true love and I do not know if it is still possible to feel that sinking heart I felt as a teenager when I was interested in someone I feel old and I think I no longer have real opportunities. My friends are almost all married and with children and they have no effect on me … I feel sorry for them too sometimes as if they have put a limit on their life and I hate to think about it but I find them ridiculous when they focus almost all the talk about children husbands or about other women or husbands of other women while I like to talk about more technical things or about history or politics … why can’t I immerse myself in their world? Yet I am a woman like them! I only tell you this last thing … years ago I had the courage to leave my current partner and after a while I started a relationship with another man … I did not know he was married and he left his wife and children for me because, like so many others, he said he loved me … he loved me madly but I didn’t have the courage to destroy a family … I had intense relationships with him and, for the first time, I had taken on the role of a woman because he knew how to do everything I usually do and without my asking him … it was instinctive for him … well … even if he was perfect and made me feel like a woman, perhaps thanks to the initial passion, I wasn’t sure I loved him also taken by strong feelings of guilt and the fact that I would have terrible life for the constant struggles with wife and children and I did not want to ruin the opportunity to have a man of my own. At the same time as the new relationship that was turning towards the end, I started to miss everything I did with my current partner, the carefree of a free couple and I decided to go live together to really understand what I wanted .. and so I’m dragging myself . After years I still think about that man I left but I think it is more because of not having been able to share everything with him .. having had to give up something good and bad at the same time .. having lost a challenge but nothing more … I who am sweet and affectionate cannot love with sincerity and therefore I cannot even enjoy sex with pleasure … experiencing sexual pleasure in a relationship is impossible for me …. what is happening to me! What is my real problem ?? I know that it is difficult to help with this little information exchanged here in the comments because there is so much to tell but I cannot understand where all these problems arise … am I the problem or whoever is close to me ? Why can’t I really love? Thanks and excuse me again.

Hello, I will answer you in a somewhat generic way, I would still recommend that you do some interviews with a psychologist to understand your needs and requirements a little better.

I understand that his problem is that in the couple he feels the man, so his feminine part is sacrificed and he cannot feel desire for a man who does not feel solid and “male” enough, which instead his previous companion was.

For her part, it seems to me that there is a conflict in her about her femininity or the desire to be a woman and a mother and the fear of being trapped in a suffocating and limited life like that of her friends.